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"This is beautiful work, Michael. I never knew of your interest in Sri Lanka or how much time you had spent there. The work deserves to be published. Thank you for sending this along. It is very impressive."
Albert Lorenzo, President Emeritus Macomb Community College.

"I am totally impressed with your accomplishment. I looked at the whole site and thought the pictures reveal Sri Lanka. I really know very little about the country and its customs. I’m fascinated with your interest in it. Wishing you the best success."
Geraldine Baskin, Detroit Focus

"SPEECHLESS...This IS the art of photography---
I will keep visiting the site for updates...please keep me posted on your first book signing. It is the journey not the destination…and this is the journey. Thank you for sharing yours with me. Just acutely beautiful!"
Patricia Izzo – Artist

"This is great work! I would love to provide a link of your site to my blog readers. Many of them enjoy photography and would love to hear about your adventures. With your permission, I can write up a post and pass the word along. Thank you for providing this link and I wish you success in the future with this project! Here’s what she wrote."
Shelly Turk – Cleveland, OH

"Thank you so much for sending this to me. The website is beautiful. Congratulations! What an accomplishment to be able to experience all of that and share it with your family, friends, and soon a larger audience!"
Nikki Freitag - Detroit

"Thanks for sending the info on your project. The images and book project look amazing! Good luck, I am sure you will get a publisher…this work is significant and beautifully executed."
Susan kae Grant, Texas Woman’s University

"This is incredible, Michael...thank you for including and sharing your amazing work with me. Much affection."
Jeri Magid - Detroit

"Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. I wish you luck with publishing and, while I cannot afford an autographed copy (!) I will certainly purchase one after publication. I am excited to know that I actually own a copy of a photo from this book! Thank you! Safe journeys."
Kelli Knapp – Pennsylvania

"Beautiful site and photos. I hope the project goes gangbusters for you. Dwight Cendrowski - PhotographerCongratulations on the launch of your great website, Michael. It is professional, warm, sophisticated and user friendly! Best wishes for your continued success on the project. I wish I were a publisher or had connections to help you."
Mary Ellen Sanko - Detroit

"These photos are fantastic! I am so glad that you shared these links with me. What a precious and diverse land…it feels so spiritual. I hope you will always stay safe and well in your travels!!"
Kyle Rocheleau - Montana

"I am so proud to be your friend. You inspire me."
Mary Joe Mohr - Chicago

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